Visit the Ardennes and the Province of Luxembourg

A holiday in Nassogne gives you a fantastic opportunity to visit the region and the Province of Luxembourg, as the Ardennes are simply bursting with treasures to be discovered:

Nassogne: its forest, wildlife, cultural heritage and gastronomy

Straddling the Ardennes and La Famenne, Nassogne peaks at an altitude of 560 metres (Magerotte Lodge is at 367 metres). The region lends itself to walking and hiking in the forest, where the exceptional richness of nature is all around you.


In Nassogne, you will have access to:

  • moped (4) and mountain bike trails (6) to explore the Nassogne area and 350 km of cycle routes across the region;
  • nature rides by horse and carriage through countryside and forest;
  • 4 themed car/motorbike discovery routes with 6 stop-offs through neighbouring villages and the Ardennes forest;
  • a car/motorbike route with observation points so you can fully appreciate Nassogne's natural heritage, complete with picnic and rest areas.

For more information, visit the Nassogne Tourist Office website.


The Province of Luxembourg: some tourist attractions to explore

  • The Caves of Han: with 20 million visitors in 250 years and 3 stars in the Michelin Green Guide, the Cave of Han is considered a must-see attraction. Not forgetting its 250 hectares of pure nature and wild animal reserve. A magic moment to look forward to.
  • The Euro Space Center: in the space of a moment, step into the shoes of Dirk Frimout or Frank de Winne and experience the excitement of a space mission. Escaping to the stars is just one of the many activities.
  • Fourneau Saint-Michel: around 50 hectares with 3 main hubs: an invigorating swim deep in the Saint-Hubert forest, the open-air museum and the iron museum. With its restaurants, playground and entertainment, you are guaranteed a fun-filled day out.
  • Saint-Hubert Aerodrome: fancy some excitement or your first flight? Saint-Hubert Aerodrome offers glider, plane, microlight and helicopter flights, as well as discovery, themed and acrobatic flights.

For more information and ideas for days out, visit the Belgian Luxembourg Tourism Federation website.